Freeland Corporate Advisors

Freeland Corporate Advisors (FCA) provides trust and management services to externally managed companies with a listing in the Netherlands, to multinationals with Dutch subsidiaries, group and joint venture companies in the Netherlands and to international asset managers.

Many clients are listed, some have more than one listing. FCA furthermore frequently acts as the formal liquidator in the dissolution and liquidation of Dutch listed companies. Examples are the liquidation of Rodamco North America NV, New Skies Satellites NV and Super de Boer NV.

As service provider and advisor FCA was involved in many international transactions among which mergers and acquisitions, PO’s and financings. The international clients of FCA operate in fields, such as finance, defence industry, computer components, real estate investment and development, entertainment and telecommunication.

Services provided by Freeland are, among other:

FCA is licensed by De Nederlandsche Bank (Dutch Central Bank) under the Dutch Act on Supervision of Trust companies.

For further information about Freeland Corporate Advisors please contact Tim Koster.